Saturday, December 24, 2011

Forgiveness…yes…or no?

Here are some notes from Bill’s prayer meeting on Wednesday. I added a bit mainly because forgiveness is such a major part of my Healing classes. I have found over the years, for myself as well as those I teach it is of such importance in our relationship with the Lord, we need to be reminded of and ponder it from time to time. We all struggle with the concept and frequently believe we HAVE forgiven, when in reality we have not. Psalm 68 says “if I regard iniquity in my heart, He will not hear me.” So think about it, especially now that we are so close to a new year…

"Our willingness to forgive shows the world Christ. 1)It is not a normal action, forgiveness/lack of is of our flesh, it is not a once for all deed and we need a lot of grace to do it. 2)you haven't forgiven if the deed is a topic of conservation or comes to mind frequently. 3)are you pondering revenge or justice? 4) does it occupy your mind and thots too much and you can't get rid of it? 5)Do you get annoyed or irritated at the mention of them? 6) Do you avoid that person? 7) Are you secretly delighted at their misfortune? 8) Do you feel like a victim? 9) Are those around you tired of hearing about it?" To really forgive, starts in the heart/mind and then the will. Five ways you can know you are/have forgiven them...1) first thot about them isn't what they did to you. 2) you would gladly assist them if they needed it and you could do it. 3) can you think positive thots about that person now? 4) Does your heart want to hurt them? 5) have you stopped keeping a record of wrongs and looking for them to fail? Keeping your focus on positive things for and about this person will be a great help to you...and to them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More on the Names of God

          I think we will look in more detail at God’s primary names, the names we first looked at two blogs back. We talked briefly about His name Jehovah, Yahweh and Adonai. We can now talk about them with a little more detail. JEHOVAH is God’s redemptive name…Isaiah 12:2 says this, “The Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song. He is also become my salvation. “ After sin entered the human experience, it was Jehovah who sought the sinner…as Redeemer, Jehovah revealed His holiness and His just demand for righteousness on the part of His creatures. Let’s look at Adam ad Eve, the parents of us all. Understand, their sin did not take God by surprise…I Peter 1:20 tells us God had the salvation plan already worked out…I Peter 1:20 tells us His plan was formed “before the foundation of the world.” He knew they would not obey Him even though He gave them instruction NOT to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” or they would die. They ate and they died, spiritually. I often wondered where Adam was when Satan was taunting Eve. Was He there? I ask that because  God held him responsible and made him the head of the human race, and God said Adam sinned knowing what he was doing. But, the plan  was prepared and God spoke it to them and us in Genesis 3 Jehovah was prepared to redeem His now fallen children and their descendants. You may wonder as I have, why did He create them knowing what they were going  to do. The rest of Scripture seems to indicate that He wanted a people of His own, to love and care for and to worship and fellowship with Him. He was willing to do whatever needed to be done to make that happen. BUT…He wanted them to love and obey Him of their own free choosing, because they wanted to. He is a wonderful Father.

          Up until the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God made Himself known to Israel as ELOHIM…THE STRONG, FAITHFUL ONE. But to Moses and the Jews in Goshen, He was JEHOVAH-ELOHIM, Maker, Redeemer, used to speak of His relationship with man. He has the RIGHT of being our creator, He has MORAL authority over us, He has the right to govern us, power over our human relationships. His rights over us are shown clearly in the book of Ruth…Boaz showing himself to be Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer, as God is our kinsman-redeemer. We have a responsibility to be obedient to Him and respond to Him in the way He has laid out for us in Scripture.

          JEHOVAH-YAHWEH, the holiest of God’s names. This is the great “I AM.” This is the self-existent One. Israel spent 400 years in Egyptian bondage. While there, most if not all of their knowledge of God was gone. When He led them out to the wilderness, He took them to Sinai where He had them encamp and He taught them who Jehovah was. He taught them that He was Holy. He gave them over 400 laws that would govern all their living conditions. He taught them they were to be a special, separate and peculiar people. He was a Holy God who hates sin, all through all the Old Testament, He could not compromise, He must judge, using His name to Israel, Jehovah. In His dealing with Pharaoh He was their Redeemer and Creator. He had to judge Pharaoh and He did!  He laid down he moral law to them, telling them the price of disobedience was judgment as laid out in the law. Ad they became more and more disobedient, God allowed them to be overrun by their enemies and taken into captivity, their cities destroyed and temple in ruins.

          ADONAI is a beautiful name, it means Lord, Master, Sovereign and primarily refers to Him and His relationship to us as our Master. We CAN become His bondservant…our choice. In bible times a servant who had served his term, had come to love his master and desired to stay with him and would stay voluntarily. In exchange for his loyalty, obedience and service, the Master would provide him with everything he needed. This is the relationship Moses had with God as did Joshua, calling Him Adonai. The Master had the right to expect absolute obedience  and in return made every provision for the bond-servant. Studying the Names, attributes and character of God is like examining a fine, exquisite diamond. The various hues and points are all  beautiful but when you put them all together, you see a jewel so fine it has tremendous value to the one to whom it belongs. So it is with our God!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Names of God, con’t…His perfections and attributes.

          Last time we looked at the three primary names of God, Jehovah…Yahweh…Adonai. His character and perfections are recorded for us in Galatians 5:22-25. If you want to know what Christ was like…there it is; love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control. They are referred to as the Fruit of the Spirit and we are to be working toward the same character qualities in our lives. You will notice it is “fruit” of the Spirit, not “fruits.” Not plural but singular…we are to attain to ALL of them!

          This time let’s look at His attributes…He is SOLITARY, He as a Triune or three-part God, never had a beginning. Let that sink in for a moment! He always was and always will be. The Triune God had no need of any one else, He was fine as He was. But, at some point in “time”…(eternity is timeless)…they decided to create. There were angels before there were humans, they existed in Heaven with God. They wanted beings that they could fellowship with, love, care for and provide with a relationship with Them.  But make no mistake, He did not need us, He wanted us for Himself, to decide for themselves to love Him back and have full and complete harmony with Him.

          He is INFINITE. Always was, is, will be, with no time constraints. Can you think ahead to ‘forever?” I have no problem thinking backward to eternity past, but for some reason, I can’t think forward without thinking of “an end.” There is none when it comes to God and guess what? We too are eternal…if we know Christ as our personal Savior we will live with Him in the Heavenlies forever, John 14. If we have no personal relationship with Christ, we will live without Him eternally. Think about that, forever apart from God with no hope of change. Pretty ugly thought isn’t it!

          H is OMNISCIENT. He knows all there is to know about everything. Wow! And the best part, He is willing to share that knowledge with us. Now we will never “know it all…”but there is much He can teach us by the power of the Holy Spirit in us, if we are willing to let Him. When the Scripture says we “can have the mind of Christ,” I Corinthians 2:16, it means exactly that. We can learn by reading, thinking, praying, absorbing and applying the Scripture to our lives what God has for us to know. Can you imagine anything more glorious than being made capable of thinking as God thinks. One of my favorite verses is Colossians 1:9, “Enable me to see things from Your point of view.”

          He is SOVEREIGN. Do you remember Harry Truman’s famous plaque on his desk, “the buck stops here.?” Well It REALLY stops with God!!!! We may not realize it in this life, but it is true and in His time, all things will be the way He wants them. No one argues with the Queen of England…neither will they argue with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They may do as they please now, but a day is coming when that will no longer be an option. He will exercise His Sovereignty in full and set up His Kingdom.

          He is OMNIPRESENT. He is everywhere at the same time. How? I have no idea, but the Scripture says it is so, and that’s it for me. This is one of my favorites…He is IMMUTABLE….He never changes. If you think about that, it can be very reassuring. As He was long ago, He is today…and will be tomorrow and all the tomorrows. If He “tells” you something, He does not change His mind. He says, “I am the Lord, I change not.” Malachi 3:6. It also makes His promises more precious…He will do what He says…no matter what! He is HOLY. What is Holy? The very presence of God sanctifies and makes us holy, as we submit our will to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to fill us…we take on His Holiness. Glory! He is GRACIOUS AND MERCIFUL. I think we all know what these attributes are. Grace is an internal quality of kindness and gentleness,especially in the face of adversity. Mercy is a quality I dearly love…working with inmates for so many years, along with their wives and moms, mercy was called for many times and in large quantities. There are some criminal acts that are especially abhorrent to me…but not to God! He had to grant me the ability to tap into His mercy and show it in just the right proportions. There have been times when He has literally “blown me away” at His graciousness to me and enabling me to cope with difficult situations. He is JUST. This one fascinates me because I learned the difference between “fair” and “just.” God is not always fair…but He is always just. He cannot be any other way, it is pat of His character. At times I have asked Him about what I considered an unfair situation…through the Word, He showed me He is never wrong, He knows the hearts of people involved in the situation, and He knows the end from the beginning. I learned to rest in that knowledge. And I guess best of all, He is FAITHFUL…HE steadfast, an anchor…He is there…always and forever. He is an awesome God and I for one am glad He made us and loves us now and forever.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How’s Your Worry Level?

Jesus Himself told us not to worry about our lives, what to eat, our health, what we’ll wear…He said His Father takes care of the ravens and clothes the flowers so how much more will He do for us since we are of such value to Him. That’s very good advice straight from the teaching of our Lord. I love the portion in Luke 12:32-34, “Fear not little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell what you have, give to the poor, provide yourself money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Of course that is excellent advice, but not at all easy to put into practice. I always considered myself the world’s greatest worrier, God took a lot of time working with me to get me to quit it…and I still fall back into the pattern, especially with funds. But, I can say without hesitation, in 35 years he has never let me down. There have been many, many rough spots but when they were over, I could look back and see the lesson learned. And when I really gave it some serious thought, I’d realize He could not have taught me that particular lesson any other way. I can be hardheaded at times!


I think we get the mistaken notion that things should go well all the time. If we are in good, solid fellowship with the Lord everything should go smoothly. Not! Probably, life would be boring if it was the same all the time, I don’t know since mine is always changing. That is one of the lessons I learned, change…it’s a good part of life. I know people that cannot handle change at all, desperately try to keep their entire lives the same…same vacation place, same restaurants, same routes to and from places…any kind or suggestion of change throws them for a loop. I have no idea why God wants us to be able to handle change, I suppose it is because change is the norm. But even at best, change is unsettling and we tend to worry and fret. We second guess ourselves about everything including where we are with the Lord. And usually it is not what we think at all. One of the things I have worried about is “am I doing enough” for Him…don’t ask me why, but there it is. Fruitfulness is important to me, but in my calling, hard to see. The Lord taught me long ago, that’s really not my business, it’s His. My part is to “tell” and His is to apply. Fruitfulness is really faithfulness in God’s! There is a verse in Romans that says this, ‘it is required in stewards (servants) that they be found to be faithful.” Not successful, especially by the world’s standard, but faithful. Do what God has asked you to do, the rest is His work. In taking that to heart, the worry syndrome should be greatly reduced shouldn’t it? Struggling and pondering our paths are all part of our learning process…the struggle helps us understand the outcome is not of us, but of Him. Our pride wants to take credit, we like to think our own abilities gain a good result. Not true…dependence on the Lord causes us to realize we are NOT sufficient in ourselves, and He makes it clear in His Word He will not share His glory with another!


Another thing to keep in mind about worry is this: be careful how and when you make decisions. Tired, too busy, changing circumstances or an emotional time. Good decisions are made slowly, with considerable thought. And sometimes God would have us wait with patience, with full trust in Him…very hard to do and takes a good bit of practice. But it does get easier as He gives you more opportunity to exercise your patient trust. I said it before, here I go again, He has never let me down. I think the verse that has sustained me the most, is a familiar one, Romans 8:28, “We know that God makes all things work together for good for them who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” I have seen some very bad events be worked out well for a child of God…very unexpected and out of  the ordinary, but for the good. Then you KNOW He is working for you, because He loves you very much. Look at Psalm 34…fret not thyself, fret not thyself, fret not thyself…good advice.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The answer to that question is a direct NO!!! Following the Lord can’t happen without hard work…to quote Dr Dennis Kinlaw. I dearly love Dr Kinlaw’s writing. His devotional, This Day With The Master is truly a pleasure to read. He has written many wonderful, thought provoking books, not books you can breeze through but ones that takes quiet contemplation. And worth every minute, he has great insight and it is obvious He walked very close to the Lord. There will be other thoughts of his interspersed in this blog but you would do yourself a big favor if you acquired his books for your own reading pleasure.

The object of our Christian life is being conformed to the image of Christ, and that’s not at all easy. God expects us to use what He has given us in order to know Him better. It becomes an intellectual shaping of our minds, as He says in I Cor 2:16, “…we have the mind of Christ.” Or Phil 2:5, “let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”  The Father’s intention is for us to think like Jesus…Col 1:9 says “let me see things from Your point of view.” He wants our old, carnal minds gone! The second important transformation for us is to surrender our will to Him. That’s a difficult thing to do  and rarely a once-for-all thing, we all will experience those times when that “little voice”  inside of us corrects our thoughts and actions. And incidentally, yielding the will is connected to taking up your cross…we are to bow the knee, yield our right to ourselves and our own plans and intensions, to His desire for us. And His desire for us is always correct and in our best interest. Any desire God has for us is best and we CAN reach a point when we clearly understand that principle and automatically seek His guidance. Another aspect of this is Jesus telling the disciples the “way is narrow, and few their be that find it,” Matt 7:14, the way to life eternal and a quality, godly life here, is narrow and difficult. Knowing Jesus intimately is hard work, no shortcuts…He expects us to roll up our spiritual sleeves and get to it! Of course He is there to help but He will never do for us what we can do for ourselves. Working for Him is our calling and our responsibility…no magic here!

It’s interesting that in our day and age, what is pushed most is “self-help…” and self-fulfillment, self-satisfaction…self, self, self! We cannot find real fulfillment inside of ourselves, it comes from the external…God Himself.We need to remember that the Lord Himself looked to the Father for leading and direction. If HE needed guidance from His Father, surely we do also.

I’ve walked with the Lord for a long time. Most of that time I was learning trust and other character qualities that are important for workers to have. I don’t really know exactly when it was that I found myself looking to and talking to Him about everything. I am a widow, my kids and grandkids are adults, He is my all! I learned I could turn to him in full confidence that the steps I was about to take were the right ones and should they be incorrect, He would “nudge” me internally to halt. What a wonderfully freeing sense that is. There are so many places in Scripture that tell us our varying relationships to Him…Father, brother, friend, husband, many more, but you get the picture. The relationships are very personal ones and we are entitled to them…He will never let us down or desert us or give us bad advice…He is always available to us. I realized I couldn’t go wrong, as long as I was yielded, close and listening. We are all entitled to walk that close to the Lord, but it is not an easy path and certainly not to be taken lightly. But we need to think about it, and act. Are you willing?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Have you ever noticed that we only seem to look at problems and events in our lives from our small, human perspective? I tend to, and am trying to learn not to but to do what it says in Colossians 1:9, “ see things from God’s point of view.” Not an easy thing to “unlearn” worry and fretting and “re-learn” trust! There have been times when I have almost hated that word…it makes me feel guilty! But, it is fact. Learning to trust in the Lord is possibly one of our most difficult tasks in our Christian life. He does NOT see or do things as we do, and His view is the right one. We as adults are so use to our own way of thinking, seeing, and doing all our lives, we DO NOT include God in our thought patterns and decisions, we just go right ahead and do what we want to do. And that’s where our problems come in.

When God wants to enlarge our faith and us as a person, He allows trouble to enter in. It may be the result of a wrong decision, our own or someone else’s, a questionable action or many other things pertaining to our lives. Distress/stress will bring out the “real” us. How we re-act to trouble tells a lot about us…good or bad. God never has led us to believe that the Christian life is a bed of roses…it is not, He likens it to battle and in Ephesians Paul lists pieces of armor we are to use to enable us to defeat the enemy. And…make no mistake about it, the enemy will always be right there to make the most of any difficulty we encounter. And if he can spread doubt and anger in us, directed toward God, he is a happy camper. There are so many things in life that cannot be explained, and so our “human” re-action is anger, discouragement, doubt of God’s goodness and love for us. I have found it takes years of experiences with the Lord’s intentions and how He achieves increased faith and trust in us, years and years. And, each passing month and year should produce a strengthened faith in Him. It does not come upon us overnight, sad to say.  Paul tells us to “endure hardness as a good soldier,” 2 Tim 2:3, and Peter in 1 Pet 4:12 adds “do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial that has come upon you as though something strange has happened.” Both Peter and Paul are speaking to our ATTITUDE toward hardship! It is an attack by the evil one and they want us to think right and understand the appropriateness of the battle we are in. It helps me to remember that Satan’s battle is with God, whom he hates…we are the battlefield. How we handle our difficulties reflects back on what we know of God and His character and the trust we are willing to put in His faithfulness day by day. Not an easy thing, takes lots of practice with various difficulties and trials but we can master it and come out men and women of true faith in the Living God. Remember, each distressful event can strengthen our faith if we look to Him with confidence in His love, mercy and goodness.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I am currently reading in Luke, one of my favorites. Luke records a lot of interaction between Jesus and the Pharisees. We have those among us now you know…those who think themselves “righteous” and above everyone else but their lives don’t show it to be true. It has always fascinated me that people think no one watches them! I saw this sooooo many times in prison…men would come to Bible study and/or services and act very “holy” but leave that setting and they were as blasphemous as ever. They may have thought they were kidding me, but after a number of years, I could tell who was real and who wasn’t. And of course they were not fooling any of the other men that lived with them! I’m convinced this goes on all the time, we just are not aware of it. We live behind closed doors, and believe no one knows what goes on behind those doors. But, that frequently isn’t so…even pastor’s homes are not immune. Again, in prison I cannot tell you how many men told me they came from a pastors home, but could not in their minds reconcile the difference between what Dad said and what Dad did. I truly believe many young people today are terribly confused by what they either read from God’s Word or hear in Church and the way they see their parents living. Very confusing for young minds and spirits to grapple with. Remember that Jesus said “it is better for you to be thrown in the middle of the sea with a millstone around your neck than for you to lead one of these little ones astray.” Your very life style can “lead a little one astray” and I don’t think He was speaking of only babies when He used the term, little ones. In Luke 7:36-50 we read this event: Jesus went to dinner at the home of a Pharisee. While there, a woman approached Him, knelt at His feet, washed His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. The Pharisee was offended by this, and criticized Jesus thinking He should have known “what kind of woman” she was! Jesus knew what was in the mans mind, told him a story about two debtors, one owed his creditor a large amount of money, the other a small sum. The creditor forgave them both. Jesus asked the Pharisee which one would love the creditor the most? Simon’s answer was that he supposed, the one that was forgiven most. Jesus told him he had judged rightly. Then Jesus said to him, “ I came into your house and you gave me no water to wash my feet, you gave me no kiss of greeting nor did you anoint my head with oil. But this woman has not ceased to kiss my feet, she washed them with her tears and dried them with her hair and anointed them with fragrant oil. So, I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven her for she loved much. But, to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little. He turned to the woman and said, your sins are forgiven, go in peace, your faith has saved you.”

How many times do we not speak up to or for someone because we “don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings” or don’t want to start something, or just are afraid to speak up. Thank God Jesus never was. There are times I wonder why when people, some, friends of mine, congratulate or thank someone that is a down right ungodly person, and puffing them up don’t they realize they are offending their God? Ungodly people act in ungodly ways, sometimes even act in nice ways. But, should we make something of it and allow them to believe we condone their overall behavior? Will this help in their coming to a realization of their sinful ways or attitudes? I wonder…I am sure the Pharisee that in his heart was criticizing Jesus, did not care about the woman, he was concerned about his reputation…he had a house full of guests! Many times we do things to keep peace when we should not, and that adds to our sin. After all, there are sins of omission as well as sins of commission. Either one can be forgiven but we must be careful of our words, our actions, our friendships, who we seem to align ourselves with. All this is inherent in this section of Scripture that speaks volumes to forgiveness and quality of loving Him and how they frequently are tied together. So I ask you, how do you love Him? This is a question I ask myself frequently…and it is not a matter of “how much?” It is a matter of quality and depth and I suspect we have to know Him a long time to love Him with the quality of love this woman did. Why do I say this? She risked a lot…in that day, women did not attend these dinners, just men. And…women NEVER took down their hair except in their own bedroom, and only in the presence of their husbands. Jesus did not rebuke her, in fact He commended her, commenting on her love for Him. So I guess, we need to evaluate our own quality of love and commitment to Him from time to time. And, remember to ask His forgiveness for not doing it more often.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


This morning, I wrote on my status for FB that I was grateful for God allowing me life when He did. I’d like to elaborate a bit on that, primarily because there is so much more to say…I’ve lived nearly 3/4 of a century and it has been extremely eventful to say the least! If you read my blogs you know I love Israel and her history, have read and researched from a Biblical perspective how and why she is back in the land God gave her 4,000 years ago. So I will start with the events as I know them, that brought her home.

We have to go back to the late 19th century when what were referred to as Zionists began to write letters, get bills passed, make people aware of the plight of the Jews. They had been homeless now for nearly 2,000 years, A Roman General named Titus completely destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, just a Jesus predicted in Matt 24, and drove all the Jews out of the area. It is referred to as the Diaspora, and has lasted until 1948. These things are all recorded in the Scripture for us, and very detailed. But you have to read it for yourself…and you will find it fascinating, that God would give us so much information. And……we can believe it or not, our choice.

When God made the earth as we know it, He apparently had a time-frame for how long He would deal with humans…I say apparently because I do not know and have not read to my knowledge, any dates for the end but He has given us many, many events to watch for so that we know when it is near. Israel once again being back in the land He gave to her thousands of years ago. Another important happening is for the city of Jerusalem to be controlled by the Jews. This happened in 1967. He said the Israeli’s would make the land bloom, grow, be prosperous and important once again..

If you pay attention and think about what I am telling you, you will understand that life and history is all about God and His people, the Jews. The rest of us are part of the story but only a small part. Jesus made that clear in John 15 in the story of the vine, and the grafting in of “another” branch…that’s us, gentiles…He graciously offered us a place in His Kingdom if we would accept His gift of eternal life by admitting our unsaved and hopeless condition without Christ, yield to Him and be His “body” here to further His Kingdom . The primary reason that happened was because of the unbelief of the Jews ending in the crucifixion of the Lord, all part of the Triune God’s plan from before the foundation of the world.

God has been working out His plan for the end time for probably a couple of hundred years…some of the events that needed to happen did happen in the time period of
WWl. Papers were signed giving legal claim to the area now Israel. The League of Nations was formed and some of the members championed the cause of the Jews. Most important I think was the British Empire was given the land we now call Palestine, plus a little more, because they were part of the Allies that conquered the Ottoman Turks. The Turks held most of the Middle East, it was divided up among the allies, Great Britain, US, and France. This “victory” put the land into the hands God wanted it in, basically non-Arab hands. Then we move on to WWll…the horrible holocaust and the influx of Jews from all over the world…truly an act of God, drawing them back to their homeland. The League of Nations was no longer a power, but the United Nations had taken it’s place. They were asked to finish what the League had started, give the Jews back their homeland and the Arabs living in the area an equal amount of land for theirs. The Arabs refused, the Jews accepted. Israel became a recognized nation on May 14, 1948, and the two groups of people are fighting on until this day. I have other blogs about Israel that you can read to get more information if you like.

The last thing I want to put down for this blog is something from Daniel, he said learning would increase rapidly, people would “run to and fro” and Jesus said in Matthew that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day of the Son of man.” If you will recall, in Noah’s day, the people of the world were so corrupt, God destroyed them all but Noah and his family, eight people in all. Pretty bleak huh? I’ve live nearly 74 years, seen most of these things happen, count myself blessed to have been born in this time-period. The car, the planes and military  weapons, the atom bomb and Hiroshima, the birth of the EU, computers, cell phones…TV!!!  My grandkids cannot believe I grew up without TV and a computer! But…….we have paid a terrible price, our marriages and family life, our Christian life has turned into religiosity, most of us do not “know” God as we should, we run around and around doing nothing…you get the picture don’t you. I am still thankful for the lifetime God has given me, the love and mercy He has shown me, I trust He has made me worthy of His love. 

Friday, November 4, 2011


I’ve known the Lord for 35+ years now, I frequently throughout the day tell the Lord I love Him or thank Him for bringing me and my family to Himself…I have tried for years to make it part of my thinking process to be grateful. Then, there are times when I am overwhelmed with the thought, actually a reality, that I don’t know Him nearly well enough, or love Him with the kind of quality and depth I should. When I think about the time some of the “old timers” gave to Him…I don’t know how to feel! I know I do not measure up. And I also know He is the only One I can compare myself to…I guess what I am saying is, I want more. But…I do not always know how to achieve that place. I have read about how much God desires our intimacy, and I know what He means, but I’m not there…I want to be but I’m not, at least not yet.

I am a single…divorced/widowed, and live by myself. I am semi-retired, spend most of my day either reading, praying, memorizing Scripture or doing the things I need to do for Wings of Eagles. Friends stop by and visit, Christian friends so we usually end up talking about the Lord, or people we know with problems and how we can help for give them encouragement. But I continue to “feel” it’s not enough. I want to know more about him. Most of His character qualities are evident, I see them and do my best to incorporate them into my life because I really do want to be like Him. I think frequently about Heaven, probably because of my age and due to a lot of my friends are going home. I’ve re-read everything I can find about Heaven and still can’t get a good idea of what it will be like. But I know that is my home, and earth is just a stop-over.

I wonder how people manage to get along with out Him to turn to…who do they ask for advice? Who do they turn to just to talk? Who do they look to for comfort in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep? I cannot not imagine. I have been His for so long, I cannot remember what it was like, and I don’t really want to. Most of the time I feel as though my life before Christ took me for His own, happened to someone else. And when I seriously think about the direction my life and the lives of my kids might , no would have taken…thankful is not anywhere near strong enough to explain Our lives were a mess, and they would only have gotten worse, but a loving, gracious God stepped in and brought us to Himself, all three within a year or so. Talk about the Love of God!

Well, I think that is enough ThinkingOutLoud for today…God bless you and keep you, talk to you tomorrow!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Most of us have come to understand a few basics, #1 being that Christ is truth according to John 14:6…”I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me.” That’s pretty clear…without a relationship with Him, truth is not discernable, we cannot know real truth. Also the fact that He says He is the way…that never sets well with persons of other faiths but I didn’t say it, Jesus, God the Son did! Narrow? Darn right it’s narrow! Jesus Himself said His way is narrow but the way of the world is wide. So, I said all that to say this, you and I can only discern truth if we have a personal relationship with Him. #2 BEING a Christian is not a matter of doing, it is a matter of BEING…He is much more interested in what you are in your spirit man than in the things you do. He even spoke a parable about workers in the field, check it out. So if being is so important, then it stands to reason that God’s quality of love is meant to be a personal possession of each one of us. Most of us will most likely take our entire lifetime to achieve it but the important thing is that we understand and are working all the time to achieve it. When the Scripture speaks of “being holy as I am holy” in my opinion, that’s what it means…God’s holy love demonstrated in and flowing out of us!

God in His Essence is Holy and He is love. That is a hard concept to get ahold of…HE IS LOVE…it is impossible for Him to do anything unloving. Now that’s something to consider, nothing He does to us, for us, on our behalf can possible be anything but pure, unmixed love because He is! Trying to get a grip on unconditional love is difficult enough but grasping that God’s essence IS love, don’t you find that a mind-blower? We all long for “love.” This generation has taken perverse love to a new level, always relating it to sex which it isn’t, sex is the fulfillment of love, given us by God to be used within marriage to cement two beings into one, who will love and respect one another. I believe this longing for love is something God put inside of us to give us the desire to search for Him. His love is a pure and burning one, seeking the best for another, and moral purity leads us to be able to know that love with our partner, and move on together to find complete fulfillment in knowing and loving a holy, pure and loving Father.Remember, He did not make us different than Himself but LIKE Himself, in His own image and likeness, the very likeness of the Son.


Most of us have come to understand a few basics, #1 being that Christ is truth according to John 14:6…”I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me.” That’s pretty clear…without a relationship with Him, truth is not discernable, we cannot know real truth. Also the fact that He says He is the way…that never sets well with persons of other faiths but I didn’t say it, Jesus, God the Son did! Narrow? Darn right it’s narrow! Jesus Himself said His way is narrow but the way of the world is wide. So, I said all that to say this, you and I can only discern truth if we have a personal relationship with Him. #2 BEING a Christian is not a matter of doing, it is a matter of BEING…He is much more interested in what you are in your spirit man than in the things you do. He even spoke a parable about workers in the field, check it out. So if being is so important, then it stands to reason that God’s quality of love is meant to be a personal possession of each one of us. Most of us will most likely take our entire lifetime to achieve it but the important thing is that we understand and are working all the time to achieve it. When the Scripture speaks of “being holy as I am holy” in my opinion, that’s what it means…God’s holy love demonstrated in and flowing out of us!

God in His Essence is Holy and He is love. That is a hard concept to get ahold of…HE IS LOVE…it is impossible for Him to do anything unloving. Now that’s something to consider, nothing He does to us, for us, on our behalf can possible be anything but pure, unmixed love because He is! Trying to get a grip on unconditional love is difficult enough but grasping that God’s essence IS love, don’t you find that a mind-blower? We all long for “love.” This generation has taken perverse love to a new level, always relating it to sex which it isn’t, sex is the fulfillment of love, given us by God to be used within marriage to cement two beings into one, who will love and respect one another. I believe this longing for love is something God put inside of us to give us the desire to search for Him. His love is a pure and burning one, seeking the best for another, and moral purity leads us to be able to know that love with our partner, and move on together to find complete fulfillment in knowing and loving a holy, pure and loving Father.Remember, He did not make us different than Himself but LIKE Himself, in His own image and likeness, the very likeness of the Son.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is probably my absolute favorite portion of Scripture. I just read it again this morning from the book of Mark. As always, I get really tickled when I read these things I have read a kazillion times before, but still get a thrill on reading it again. Even before this man spoke, Jesus knew what was going to happen…and it did. The young man wanted “salvation” but he wanted it his way, preferably with no cost to him. Not a cost in dollars but in lifestyle. Jesus questions to him were pretty much normal for this kind of conversation. But, it went farther than a brief encounter. He pressed Jesus and Jesus laid it all out for him. What I truly love about the Mark account is the phrase, “He looked at him and loved him.” Even though Jesus knew exactly what was about to take place, he played it out, giving the young man every opportunity to respond correctly…but, the young man couldn’t bring himself to give it all up. Apparently he had quite a lot, and enjoyed a rich lifestyle. He like it, it pleased him to live high, have friends in high places, go to special places…all the things rich people do today. They live “large” as the young people say. He actually lived for himself alone, never thought of the future nor a life hereafter, or doing things for others. Charles Stanley believes this young man is the same man referred to in the story of Lazarus the beggar and the rich man in Luke 16…see if you agree with Dr Stanley.

To me, This young man is very typical of most people, especially now…you know, the Judges line, “every man does that which is right in his own eyes.” This young man surely did, to his eternal detriment. The tragedy then and now is that we tend not to allow ourselves to think ahead to what happens after death…live for today seems to be the way everyone lives today, even Christians sad to say. No laying up treasure for yourself in Heaven…most do not even know what that means. Most Christians don’t even know what a tithe is, so of course they don’t give it. Many would tell us they can’t afford it, reality is, you can’t afford not to, especially today!

When I read this account, I always think of my men. I can’t tell you how many, probably thousands by now, have said to me, “Mrs Farrow, when I get out, I am going to stay clean and serve the Lord. I will never forget you or Wings of Eagles and all you have done for me. You will see me outside this fence.” And…I know that at the time, they mean it. But like the rich young man, the allure of the world and for them, making up for lost time, is very strong. Many DO stay straight and get involved in their churches, for which I am very thankful and consider my mission accomplished. But they are the minority. Why? Because it is very difficult, all of us know that…but for addicts no matter the addiction, it is even more difficult and getting work is next to impossible. Some I hear from, most I don’t. And…I have to admit, it took many years and tears for me to get use to it to the point like the Lord, “I could look on them with love, and let them go.” And, many of them I did indeed become very fond of, basically good men, misguided but good intentions. And I believe that is how the Lord felt about the young man in this account. When I first read it, I didn’t see the parallel but later I did, and let me tell you, it became very precious to me. You do not pour you life into other people and casually “let them go.” There is a price, but a price that is worth it for sure.

So if you see yourself in what I have said, no matter which character you line up with, be blessed. You are loved by the Lord and most likely by some person who ministered to you at a time when you really needed them. Did you ever say thanks?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


If you pay attention to the news at all, you will hear things like, “the Israeli’s are occupiers” or “we (Palestinians) want them out of our land” or “we will push them into the sea” or “the Holocaust is a fraud.” Reality is that 60+ years ago they were offered the same amount of land in the same area as Israel. It was called “partitioning.” It was all part of the ending of WW11 and what had belonged to the Ottoman Empire now belonged to Great Britain. When that war ended the allies, US, Great Britain, and Russia divided overseeing the lands that were conquered, including the Middle East area. The newly formed United Nations, (the League of Nations had disbanded) offered part of what had belonged to the Ottoman Empire, to Israel and the Arabs living in that area, not yet referred to as “Palestinians.” The surrounding Arab nations convinced them that they would invade Israel promptly and push them into the sea. Then the Arabs could have it all. Unfortunately for them, the surrounding nations did invade Israel the day after they were declared a nation, can you imagine a one day old group of people beating back people that had it all!!!!!!!  They lost, Israel remained in the land, and began to make it bloom, just as the Scripture said. God was at work and still is…they are His people, He called them back to their homeland and has been protecting them all the while they have been there. In 1967, another was broke out between the Israeli’s and the surrounding nations, Israel advanced, pushing them back and regained the Holy City, Jerusalem! Look at a map…see little Israel, the size of New Jersey, and then look at how much land the Arabs own all around Israel. The Arabs that refused the partitioning, have lived in the area on Israel’s borders, in settlements, and in the intervening years, untold millions have been given to them…they were now called the Palestinians and led by Yasser Arafat, starting in the late 60’s…to enable them to re-settle and improve their lot. However, no one ever accounted for what happened to the money and they still live in the same condition as they did in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Sad, but true. Over the years, what I have related here has gotten “lost.” The true story is no long the story being told all over the world but the real story is still real. I tell this story as often as I can because I feel compelled to keep God’s truth about His people out in front of we Christians so we are not deceived. These are God’s people, God’s land, God’s Jerusalem…we must remember that!

Now, where are we in history at the present time? One can only guess, especially since the Lord Himself said, “The day and the hour no man knows but My Father only.” Matt 24:36. My personal belief is that this present generation, including me, will go to be with the Lord in the Rapture and return with him after the Tribulation, in power and glory. All of the GOOD prophecy teachers agree, this generation…Matt 24:32-36, is the one based on that Scripture. The symbol for Israel all through the Old Testament into the New is a fig tree, that portion of Scripture talks about the fig tree blooming, and when it does know that the time is near. We have seen Israel become a nation, it has indeed “blossomed,” and we are 60+ years from the date of Israel’s re-birth. They retook Jerusalem in ‘67 which I important for the Tribulation period and it indicates the time of Gentile domination over the Holy City has ended. The European Union has become very powerful and controls most of Europe. The nations that the OT speaks of as being aligned in the end times, are all descendants of Ishmael and Esau, (Edom) and are today aligned. God said to Hagar (an Egyptian and an Arab) in the desert He would make of Ishmael a great nation but they would be wild men, full of anger and hate and subservient to Isaac’s descendants. Are they not as God said?????  Matt 24 are the Lord’s own words, He speaks of severe weather changes, earthquakes, the Arab nations aligning with Russia, (Revelation). Daniel tells us learning would increase greatly in the end time.  There will be one religion. Right now some protestant churches are opening their doors and worship services to Muslims in an attempt to integrate the two, twenty-six states are participating calling the merging, Chrislam! Soooooooo……. the stage is set, the players in place, we shall soon see what will happen.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am not exactly a history expert but I have come to love Biblical history and of course into that scenario fits Bible prophecy. I DO know a lot about that…when I returned to the Lord 38 years ago it was because of Hal Lindsey’s book Late, Great Planet Earth. As a child I had been to church, Sunday school, Bible studies, Bible clubs, anything that had to do with the Lord, we as a family were involved in it. I was pretty well taught, and my main teacher Miss Margaret Carter really like prophecy so she talked and taught about it a lot. As a teen, I decided to go my own way, God let me but many years later reminded I was His (commitment made at a youth rally when I was 12) and it was time to make that a reality in my life. From that time on, I read, studied and read some more. Time lines fascinated me, especially trying to fit together Patriarchs, Priests, Prophets, Kings, Kingdoms, it was great fun to me and I did a lot of research. consequently I learned…especially history from God’s point of view! I remember made a time line of the entire Old Testament, took me about two months, and I loved every minute of it. You should try it, I did it by hand with few resources and learned a lot! And even now in my “old age” I still remember it all. Once I researched the book of Daniel, I was anxious to get through the Prophets so I could go to Revelation and study and compare what I had learned in the OT. In case you don’t know it, everything fit together…God is a very orderly God, and makes it easier to understand by the gift of His Holy Spirit.

The timeline from the book of Daniel especially fascinated me…it seemed God was telling us exactly when everything was to happen. He spoke of days, weeks, months, years…I was really intrigued. What was God saying and if He was saying it , He really wanted us to know what and when. Then Matthew 24 had to be taken into consideration. So…my gleanings gave me this:

God started His end-time plan about 100 years ago with a few Jewish Zionists that worked diligently for a Jewish homeland. We know the Jews were dispersed all over the world since 70AD, but God said a time would come when they would return to their homeland. There were some Jews living in the area, along with Arabs, living peacefully. The Ottoman Turks ruled from the 600’s AD until the British conquered them during WW1, then the territory became a British possession, one they really did not want. There were legal papers drawn up over the years giving the Jews legal claim to a portion of the area, the League of Nations sanctioned the claims, when they broke up and the newly formed United Nations came into existence, the paper work was transferred to into the control of the UN. But…nothing more happened, until WW11 ended and the Holocaust was seen by the world. Everyone cried out for the Jews to be given a land. Many people worked to make it happen and on May 14, 1948 it did. Israel became a nation and Harry Truman our President recognized Israel as a sovereign nation. Now the sad part of the tory is this, the same size portion of land the Jews accepted, the “Palestinians” refused to accept.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

God’s Point of View

Did you ever give a thought to seeing “things” from God’s point of view? I never did until I read Colossians 1:9, “see things from God’s point of view…” it seemed like an impossible thing to me. How could I , with my finite little mind, see my life and others from His point of view? We are so use to looking at everything the way we always have, and don’t give it a thought after we come to Christ. But…I began to see that was not what God had in mind…He wanted us to learn from His Word, apply what we were learning and allow it to penetrate our minds and hearts. Scripture says “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…” the mouth speaks what we are storing up internally. I found many times that what I was learning from the Lord was contrary to my natural way of thinking and especially different from many things I had been taught I had to pray hard and long to get input from Him. My mind/heart  did not want to give up it’s own way and I would tell myself, “yea but.” However, God always prevailed, and as I read and compared Scripture to Scripture, I slowly realized just how messed up our human reasoning was/is and how abundantly clear God’s Word was if we would persevere.

Everything we say and do begins in the mind. As a side issue, anything we put in our bodies, such as booze, drugs,etc., will cloud it and keep us from thinking God’s thoughts. In the same way, being unwilling to obey something God is telling us to do will hamper growth…when we won’t…we stay where we are until we obey. Just a principle I learned over my years of reading. God wants His best for us but it comes at a price…yielding. And we do not do that easily. You might say the mind is the watchtower of your life, what you put into it shows in your life, your speech, your mannerisms, certainly your character. Here is something to think about…what did Christ mean when He said if we would follow Him, we must “take up your cross” and follow Him? That really perplexed me for along time. Finally, years ago, I attended a seminar for Christian workers at Sandy Cove with my son Bill and his wife. The speaker was John MacArthur, our favorite writer. During his teaching he said this, “ take up your cross…what does that mean? Well, it means to give up your right to yourself, your life, your plans and desires and give your life to Him to use as He sees fit…willingly.” That last part is the key to “our cross.” He wants us to serve willingly, with our whole heart, soul, mind, strength. He did not want to take up His cross and be separated from the Father for the first and only time in His life anymore than we want to give our total selves up to Him for whatever He has in mind. And frankly, many times we do not know initially what it is He has for us to do in service to Him. I know I didn’t! One of the areas of our lives we have the most trouble conquering is our right to ourselves, personal rights it is referred to in counseling courses. When we come to Christ, we give up our rights, especially our right to our own lives…no more “old nature” ideas and actions, but a putting on of the “new nature” made in the likeness of Christ. Really, it’s a no-brainer…

All in all, seeing things from God’s point of view is not difficult. It is mostly a matter of wanting His best and being willing to let Him have His way in your life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Authentic Christian Life

How many people have you met over the length of your Christian life that when asked, “are you a Christian” answered yes…then as time went by, you really, really wondered? And…as you wondered, felt guilty because you were “judging.” Well, I have a lot of experience with that kind of question and answer. Very perplexing to say the least. Not the part about judging but people saying they are believers and yet live like heathens. What are we to do? How are we to know? Some of what I am going to write is my opinion, some from Dr Kinlaw’s writing. I trust you will have something to ponder.

Our belief must be authenticated by how we live and how we live on a consistent, day-to-day basis. We are NOT to be like the world, the Scripture says to be “in the world but not of it…” Have you ever thought about what exactly that means???? I have given that a lot of thought, mainly because of hearing people say things about judging when you ask about or discuss certain behaviors. There are the obvious things like drinking, smoking, sleeping around…but today, those are socially acceptable ways of behaving, God forgive us….you get answers like, “the Bible doesn’t say anything about not drinking or not smoking…” but the Bible does say not to be drunk. In my opinion, and I say that on purpose, it is a better thing not to drink at all if only for testimony sake. But, there are other reasons. Alcoholism pretty much runs in family lines. If there are drunks in your family line, why would you want to risk the behavior just to be sociable???  Believe me when I tell you, it’s not worth it, my husband was an alcoholic, from a long line of alcoholics. It not only eventually killed him, but it ruined our life together, destroyed our business, had a profound influence on our two kids, (God took a hand in that, He brought them both to Himself and gave them partners and careers that led them to a life lived for Him) and forever influenced our way of looking at “social drinking.” As far as promiscuous sex, the bible does directly address that as a no-no. Some have said silly things like “God doesn’t want us to have any fun,” or “no one will know,” or “I’ll be careful not to get pregnant.” There are other results and implications that hardly ever get talked about. STD’s for one, physical damage for another. I think the worst is the emotional damage, because it is never talked about or recognized. God made us to be monogamous, that is what He indicated when He said, “the two shall become one flesh.” Two people joined in sexual union are for all intents and purposes, one. That oneness was designed for one man, one woman for life. When we break out of God’s order, not only are we in sin, but we are damaging ourselves emotionally. It may not show up immediately, but in the mind, it does it’s work because the way God made us is broken. And, that can make for serious damage. All three of those things usually cause one to “sneak around,” to hide the behavior. We would not want everyone to know what we are doing! And in the end, it is the emotional damage worldly living causes that does the damage. inappropriate dress goes with worldly living, and……….it could lead to rape……..or worse. Going to movies or viewing video/tv that is inappropriate can damage the mind/emotions. Watching too much brutality twists the conscience. There are probably many, many more. If you let your mind wander you can probably think of quite a few yourself. Ponder these things, they may be in your life or you may be thinking of putting them in your life…my advice…DON’T!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Do you believe God is the Creator, Sustainer and Lord of all? Do you believe that strongly enough to obey what He directs you to do? Psychologically, you will not obey one you do not trust and you cannot trust one you do not know. You can only learn Biblical faith and trust from an armchair in a limited way. Until you risk, and frequently risked greatly and God has worked for you, you trust will not be in operation. That biblical faith emerges when you have risked a lot and know that if God does not work for you, you’re sunk! We are all acquainted with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego…they told the King whether God saved them or not, they would not bow the knee to him. Now that is real faith!!! And, God did save them, in a dramatic manner. David the King urges all to put their full trust in Him…he says this over and over in the Psalms.  Biblically, the word trust indicates a relationship of two friends that know each other VERY well, and know the depth of the other’s character. That is how we can “know” God will undertake for us..we know His Word and we know His character. It takes a pretty long and intense relationship with God to be able to trust Him completely but it is attainable…because He wants us to know we can trust Him. And,…glory of glories, He will trust us with His work, His people, His message. Is there anything better thn that. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“Letting God Be God…”

I love Dr Dennis Kinlaw’s devotional, This Day With the Master. I frequently put some quotes from it up on Face Book. He has a way of saying things that strike a note in my heart, and I trust in yours also. This blog is mostly from the last few days of reading from his book. I trust you will enjoy!

The Ten Commandments…if you give them some thoughts, they are all encompassing. Take the FIRST…” Thou shalt have no other gods before me” literally means to let God be God! He is telling us nothing else really matters, just Him and our relationship to/with Him. The others all seem to have a sort of commentary on the first. If any of us would honestly contemplate what God has done for us and continues to do on a day to day basis, allowing Him to be our all is not too much for Him to ask or expect. However, how many people do you know that think and act, “God first and foremost?” I dare say not many since when you do, people tend to think you strange and keep their distance. They really think you go overboard, but would never tell you that. I read on another page, “I live and breathe God.” same idea…the SECOND is very similar, “thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,” and is talking about our relationship to anything that is NOT God. So, the first concerns our relationship to Him, the second our relationship to    everything/everyone else. The THIRD has to do with language…how is yours? Do you exhibit Christ when you speak? The FOURTH has to do with time…do you use yours wisely or do you fritter it away? The thing closest to us, our speech, and the thing farthest away, our time, both come under God’s law. The FIFTH, SIXTH AND SEVENTH are connected, sanctity of the home, life and sex, since we all come from a home, have life and a gender, God wants to ensure that all of us order our lives correctly so as to be a blessing and not a curse. The last THREE also tell us God wants to ensure that we measure all of our lives to be a blessing and to bless him…possessions, truth and desires are all compelling character traits and need to be under His control. So how do you sum up? Are you compliant to the will and Word of God? Or…are you more about yourself? Remember, He ALWAYS knows and does what is best for us, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Monday, September 26, 2011



Last weekend my grandson was married in a beautiful ceremony, family and friends in attendance to wish the couple God’s blessing. The bride was absolutely stunning and of course, my grandson the groom was dashing and handsome. The reception was fun and a good time was had by all.

So…….what is my problem? Let me first say my thots and concerns are not necessarily directed at the newly-weds, but some thots can apply, which one’s I won’t tell, lol. Naturally we begin with qualifications according to the Word. God’s expressed instruction is both must be His, Amos 3:3 says,”can two walk together unless they be   agreed?” 2 Cor 6:14 is equally good, “be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?” It seems to me that the only true requirement is that both be true believers, primarily because if God is in the union, He can work with them in their difficulties…if they will let them.

The Jews have a few traditions that go back centuries and I think are good ones. The Rapture is a picture of the completion of preparation for the marriage…the marriage of Christ and His church, all the elements are there. Let me explain. In tradition, the parents made the “match” based on compatibility of individuals and families. Usually they knew each other well, lived close to each other so a marriage was “arranged” called a betrothal. This most times was when the couple was very young. Then each party went home to prepare for the marriage. The boy and his dad and brothers built a home on the back part of dad’s land. The girl and her mom and sisters began making the trousseau, the clothing the bride would need plus all the household items she would use to make a home. When the parents thot the time right, the boy and his dad and brothers came to collect the bride and invite her family to come and witness the wedding. After the ceremony, the newlyweds went to their own home, he was instructed to stay at home for one year, he did not work the fields, go to war, he stayed with his bride “to comfort her…? why? Because she was no longer as closely connected to her mother and sisters and maybe girlfriends. They were both to stay in their home, learn about each other…the “leave and cleave” aspect. And, a good one at that! ` They were to learn how to depend on each other and not other family members because they were now their own family unit. This ‘learning” process was to happen before a baby came. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Today we see none of this, our culture is such that each one does what seems right to them…there is no getting to know each other, no learning to compromise and no “setting up’ of the male to become the head of the household. And that is God’s intent from Eden! And I believe our divorce rate proves once again, God knows best.

For 30 years I have taught and counseled prisoners for the Chaplains office. My main class is always a well attended one because the men learn from each other that if they attend and take part, they will learn a lot about themselves, life and marriage. We have gotten into many good discussions over the years, mainly because most of them have no idea what God intended for a couple. All they knew was, if you saw someone you liked, you hopped in the sack with her asap, and if it went anywhere, so be it. Most had multiple children by multiple women, no sense of family, no idea how to be  husband or dad…they knew how to “father” but being a dad…that’s another story!I never met one that knew the significance of the father of the bride, putting the hand of his daughter, his little girl that he probably loved more than anything in life, into the hand of this “boy” and saying to the question, “who gives this woman to be married to this man,” I do…not realizing that dad was transferring his care and protection of his daughter to this “boy.” Many dad’s don’t realize the significance either, and that’s a pity because it is important and significant. God gave headship/authority to Adam/men. He had his reasons…the woman was led astray by the evil one, the man sinned with open eyes. God wanted the woman protected. He made the man more logical and less emotional than the woman. He had a purpose for that, she would be the nurturer and comforter, and He made her that way on purpose, Each had a role to play to create a harmonious home for the children to grow up in…look at what we have done to it. Girls who convince their intended husband to stay close to her family are walking a very dangerous path. Number one they are out of God’s order…both of them, since he should know better and stand his ground. But many are afraid of looking the one they love, so they compromise. Number two, she will NOT leave and cleave, she will turn to her mother and sisters whenever she has a disagreement with her new partner. Bad deal…a barrier will arise that MAY cause him to engage in thot and activity he should not even think about because he feels betrayed and rejected. You can use your imagination as to what sort of things I am referring to.

You may believe I am being alittle overboard here…but let me say again, I have heard this exact scenario time and time again. It causes years of pain and suffering, the children suffer as well…because you cannot break God’s order of things and expect them to go well. Yes, He will be there to help you but you have greatly handicapped Him by poor choices. Please, if you are thinking of marriage, pray on these things and do as God says, you will never be sorry you obeyed Him!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thinking of THAT day, 9/11/01

On Monday, I had an invasive breast biopsy and wasn’t feeling particularly good on Tuesday. I got a call from my pastor asking if he could come by for a visit, bring coffee and donuts from Dunkin. I said sure. We were sitting in my living room with the TV on, tuned to Fox when they announced and then showed the first tower being hit. Pastor John and I looked at each other incredulous…what in the world was going on???? Pastor came for a short visit, stayed most of the day, glued to what was going on. It was almost too much to grasp. How could anyone plan and carry out such a terrible plan? How can anyone contemplate the murder of thousands of people? How can anyone hate that much?

Pastor and I both knew the Scripture, all the areas that speak to the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, where and when it began. They started talking on the TV about Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and who else may be behind it. They certainly seemed the most likely candidates.

As you think about the horror of the incidents and the days that followed, do you like me TRY to grasp the depth of hatred and rage it takes to commit a deed like that, especially in “God’s” name??? I really cannot, but it tells me in the Scripture that it’s so and that they, would always be at odds with their brothers. Now, the question becomes, who are they and who are their brothers. For lots of background and details as well as Scripture verses to back these statements up in previous blogs. If you scroll up you can read the details in the blogs about Israel.

The story goes like this: God wanted a people of His own, to love, care for and fellowship with. He called Abram out of Ur of the Chaldea's, took him to another place to settle, Canaan. There was a famine and Abram took his family to Egypt for food. When they returned to Canaan they brought with them a maid for Sarai, Abram’s wife. Her name was Hagar. God promised Abram a land, and a posterity but he and Sarai were childless and getting quite old. So they decided to “help God out.” Culturally, it was ok if a servant had a child by the master, it was considered his and his wife’s. Hagar conceived, bore a son, named him Ishmael. Later, Sarai, now renamed Sara, conceived at the age of 90 and Abram, now renamed Abraham was 100. She bore a son, the son of promise and gift of God, and named him Isaac. Years later as conflict between the women and the boys grew, Abraham had to send Hagar and Ishmael  away, back toward Egypt, Hagar’s place of birth. Genesis tells us that God told Hagar that He would bless Ishmael because he was Abraham’s son, make 12 tribes from him and bless him. But…he would always be at odds with his brethren, the descendants of Isaac. He would be a wild man, live in tents. Ishmael lived this out along with Esau who was born later but also was not inclined toward Abraham’s God. Basically, if you read carefully through the Old Testament, you find they always worshipped pagan gods, always. This goes on even today, almost all Arabs and Muslim’s worship Allah, who is not the same god as Jehovah God. So you can see, over the years, the hatred grew and grew and today, the world is calling the Israeli’s  “occupier’s”. Not so, not only does the Bible give the area outline of what God gave the Jews, but history records the declarations of legal ownership granted Israel by the League of Nations and later the United Nations in 1948. Incidentally, the “Palestinians were offered equal territory in ‘48 but refused it. This is what we have today, in 2011, but it will soon end, God’s way.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

ISRAEL, con’t part six

You may wonder why I am so intent on writing about Israel…mainly because God loves them and tells us to, then because since 1948 they have been in the right about their land. Yes, God gave it to them, it’s boundaries are laid out in many places in the Scripture, also Jews have lived in that area for 6,000 years along with Arabs. Their main dispersal was in 70 AD, but remnants have always been there. In 1948 the newly formed UN (previously was called the League of Nations) “partitioned” the land and offered the Arabs a section as well as the Jews. The Jews accepted, the Arabs said no! Now you tell me who are the “occupiers?” All of this recent history has gotten lost someplace…NO ONE in the general public seems to know the true story. God will not hold those guiltless who believe the lie!

Today I would like to talk about what is written in Ezekiel 37-39. God tells the prophet to write about Gog and Magog. He starts off with an oratory on bones…He asks the prophet is these dry bones can live? As Ezekiel watched the bones began to come together. God told the prophet He would put meat on their dry bones, cause them to stand up, a mighty army, and breathe life into them again. They stood up but were disheartened, hopeless. His answer is wonderful…” I will dig up your graves and bring you out alive O My people. Then I’ll take you straight to the land of Israel, and you will come to realize I am your God. I have said it, and I’ll do it!” ™

He told Ezekiel to cut two sticks and write on them, one for Joseph’s people and one for Judah’s. Then tie them together and make one stick. Tell the people I am making them one people and am calling them out of the nations to which I have exiled them.They shall be one people living in the land of Israel, their home, and they will live and thrive in the land and mountains of Israel and all the world will know that they are mine. Their land will bloom and be prosperous, and they will be free and they will be Mine!

Then God told Ezekiel to prophecy a time when a country from the far north will desire what they have and will invade them…the land of Gog and Magog…present day Russia. Joining with her will be Iran, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Syria. But…God will deal with them Himself and they will be defeated in the mountains of Israel. He will send an earthquake that will split the area, torrential rains, hail, lava flowing from the eruptions,..” I God will call for all out war against you O Gog, and you will know how great and holy I am …I will make myself known all over the world and never again will I let my  holy name be dragged in the mud!”

More next time…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Israel, con’t part five…reading Revelation

I don’t wish to comment on the early chapters of Revelation dealing with John’s letters to the various churches, at least not a this time. But I have been intrigued this time reading through, about the things God will bring about during the Tribulation. It’s only been a year since I read the entire book through but my goodness, how things have changed in a year and the happenings of the rest of the book are that much more probable. so here goes…

Chapter Five  gives us a beautiful picture of the Throne Room of God, we can only imagine! One is seated on the Throne and holding a scroll, thought to be the title deed to the earth. All around are Angels, various and unusual animals, 24 thrones circling the main Throne, with 24 white-robed Elders wearing golden crowns. There were thunders and lightening's, all sorts of gorgeous colors, the colors of precious jewels. The angels were of many differing sorts and would cry out,”Glory, Glory, Glory” and “Holy. Holy, Holy.” The Elders would respond by throwing their crowns before the Throne crying, “Worthy, Worthy, Worthy…”  The scroll in the hand of the One on the Throne was written on both sides and sealed with seven seals. But no one was present,worthy  to open the scroll, and John wept. Suddenly there appeared a Lamb, slaughtered but standing tall. The Lamb took the scroll from the One on the Throne and all those in the throne room fell down and worshipped and sang a new song to the Lamb and the One on the Throne. There were thousands times ten thousands all praising and glorifying the Lamb and the One. Then John says, “everyone” in Heaven, on Earth, in the Sea and under the Sea sang, “Worthy, Worthy, Worthy.” We can only imagine!!!!!

The Lamb took the scroll and tore open the first seal. One of the animals called out, “come out…” and out came a rider on a white horse carrying a bow, (no arrows) was given a victory garland and rode off conquering! A second animal cried, “come out…” out came a red horse to make war with the people of the earth, taking peace, and he was given a huge sword. A third animal cried, “come out…” out came a black horse carrying scales, to weigh the food, little for the poor and more than enough for the rich. A fourth animal cried, “come out…” and a colorless, sickly, pale horse came out, it’s rider was Death and Hades close behind. They were given the power to take 1/4th of the population by war, famine, and disease. A fifth animal cried, “come out…” I saw the souls of those killed for holding fast to their witness to the Word of God. They were under the altar and cried out to God, “How long O Lord until we are avenged???” They were each given a white robe and asked to be patient until their number was complete. The sixth seal brought forth a terrible earthquake, sun turning black as ink, moon all bloody, stars falling out of the sky, everyone running for cover, EVERYONE! All sought cover crying, “save us from the One who sits on the Throne and the Lamb for the day of their wrath has come!

What does all this mean???? It means all is in readiness for the playing out of this scenario. Think about the individual seals…peace…a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians would create a sense of peace would it not? But it wouldn’t last and there would be war, thus the red horse. The famine is here already, but it would get worse if there was a widespread war. Enough of a famine and deaths could reach extremely high levels.  In present third world countries there are people dying all the time, these tragedies would exaserbate the situation. More next time…

Monday, August 29, 2011

Israel, con’t, part 4

I am as always, year after year, reading through the Scripture, and am in the book of Revelation. Once again I am reminded that what we call life, is all about Israel as far as God is concerned. Not that He doesn’t love all of us, after all He provided a Savior for “all” and provided a parenthesis during which the Gentiles were “grafted in” for salvation as well as the Jews, read Romans 9-12. But first in the heart of God is Israel and the promises He made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He absolutely WILL keep those promises! No matter what our President says or does, or Abbas, Ahmadinejad, or any other person or nation, Israel will ultimately prevail, because they are God’s! And, all those who are against her will have to account to Him at the Great White Throne Judgment, read Revelation 21. I guess what annoys me the most is the twisted logic of those who are pushing so hard for a Palestinian state without recognition of Israel’s right to exist, and insisting on the “right of return” which means any Arab that wants to can move into Israel and claim land. These things make no sense to me. I know there is a saying that “if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, it will be believed.” It must be true, at least in this case. Another issue that perplexes me is the dividing up of Jerusalem…as a city, Jerusalem goes back to the time of Abraham and Melchezedek, some 4,000 years. David the King danced in the streets of Jerusalem over 3,000 years ago. The Muslim nation did not exist until 600 AD. And yet they want it to be their capital because it is “holy” to them. But the biggest irritation to me is the fact that they were offered as much as was offered to the Jews, they refused it while the Jews accepted back in 1948. Has the world forgotten that?????  I guess so, or can it be just “political correctness?” If so, and it happens, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are in BIG trouble with the God of Israel, and I would not want to be them…”It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living, angry God.”

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I get amazed every time I read or see on TV the President of Iran or other Arab leaders speak of Israel with such hatred in their voices and attitudes…sometimes they look as though they might have a stroke they are so enraged. It is so forceful, it isn’t human…hate like that…my,my,my! Then not too long ago as I began reading through the Scripture as I do over and over, in Genesis I read what God had to say about Ishmael and later Esau, and I will ask you to read it for yourself…Genesis 16 and 27. Bare in mind that Ishmael’s mother was Egyptian, came from Egypt to Canaan with Abraham and Sara out of Egypt when they had gone there for food in a famine, didn’t seem to want to trust God for provision. A sin of distrust on Abraham’s part began a set of circumstances that exist to this day. It shows itself clearly in the hatred and violence of the Arabs toward the Jews. They do not want them to have even the little sliver of land the UN gave them in 1948, no where near the amount of land God gave them. I challenge you to read Genesis and Numbers and find the portions where Scripture clearly lays out the boundary's’ of just exactly how much land God gave them. Interestingly, they have never possessed all He gave them but they will one day when He returns in power and glory!

Another aspect of distress to me is the anti-Semitic attitudes of non-Arabs and even Christians, and it is an uninformed point of view. If one knows the facts, even apart from the Bible, it is very hard to see and/or understand that view. When Israel was given their land in 1948, it was a barren desert. If you ever saw the old movie Lawrence of Arabia, that will give you an idea of what Israel looked like in ‘48. Ezekiel 37 and 38 really tells it really well, ad well as some of what will happen during the early years of the Tribulation. Ezekiel tells how Israel will bloom after her people begin coming back from various parts of the world, and begin new lives in their homeland…and do not forget that just a few years ago when Israel gave the Palestinians Gaza, a thriving area with homes, farms, businesses, etc., they burned everything to the ground!!! Does that make any sense???? No, not a bit…that is pure, horrible rage!

To be continued…

Israel, can't part 4

What will it mean if this anti-Semitism continues and/or gets worse? To me, it indicates one more time that we are definitely in the last days and moving rapidly toward Christ’s return for His bride!  In my opinion, when Israel became a nation in 1948, the scenario was “kicked off.” Old Testament prophecies began to come alive as Israel bloomed, prospered and began to make her mark in the world. US Presidents,Congressman,Senators and other important persons saw her as a force to be reckoned with and were very supportive of her democratic government, the ONLY nation in the Middle East that was democratic. That attitude continued for decades, President after President, just about all were supportive of this tiny nation thriving in the midst of her Arab neighbors…all were antagonistic and threatening. The world quickly began to forget that the “so-called” Palestinians had refused their own state, were NOT the original occupiers of the area, thousands of years ago both Arabs and Jews shared the land, and the more antagonistic toward God…pagans…were conquered by the Israelites at God’s instruction so as not to pollute the holiness God instilled in them as a pattern for living. Even God’s instruction to the Jews was at times harsh but it was always to keep down sin among His people. You may ask why God desired a group of people He called “His”…what purpose did He have in mind in calling Abraham out from his homeland and people, not even telling him where He was taking them????  Well, He wanted 1) a people, a group of people actually, that would love Him and obey Him, and be His very own people that He would love and care for eternally, 2) a people that would keep account of His instructions and preserve the writings, 3) a line of people that would remain pure that He could use to bring His Son into the world as Savior of all. In return He gave them a land, starting with Abraham, that would always be His/theirs. The key word here is “OBEY…” Of course they did not, He was constantly dealing with them in their sin, the whole of the Old Testament is full of the account, and much of the New. But, the Covenant He made with Abraham was unconditional since He knew they would not keep it, and unconditional is unconditional…then and now! He said “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you,” then and now. He never breaks a promise…

If we go back to the book of Daniel, we’ll get a timeline of God’s dealing with Israel. All is accomplished with the exception of seven years. get out your study Bible and check it out, all but seven years. We Christians refer to that time period, as does the Apostle John in Revelation, as the Tribulation. Jesus Himself referred to it in Matthew 24-25, calling it a time when there would be such horrible events He would have to intervene at the end or none would survive, so terrible nothing in past history would compare and as you know, some pretty awful things have happened so it must be going to be too horrible to even contemplate. But it will come because God said so and He never changes His mind or breaks a promise.


When I was a little girl, we had a lady in our town and church named Margaret Carter who loved teaching children. She did it very well, with Sunday School, release school time, Bible clubs in her home…any place she could, she taught kids. I had no idea I was learning so much, thank God I was. She talked a lot about endtimes, emphasizing Daniel with her flannel graph lessons. When I was 15 my father, my favorite person in the whole world, died. I remember blaming God, and deciding to go my own way…and I did. For 20 years I lived exclusively for me. Then, someone gave me a copy of Hal Lindsey’s book Late Great Planet Earth, I read it from cover to cover in an evening and was never the same! I did a 180* turn to the Lord and to my surprise, all I had learned as a child, especially from Miss Carter, came back! I was so hungry for more, I read, and read, and read. That was 1974.

I also remember sitting with my dad and watching our new TV set, while Israel was partitioned by the UN, (Israel accepted the land offered, the Palestinians did not) and given nation status. I saw David ben Gurion stand on a balcony and  tell the Israeli’s they now had a homeland and no one could take it away from them. I heard on the radio with my grandfather, President Truman recognize Israel for diplomatic status with the USA. That was May 14,1948.

The very next day, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq invaded the brand new nation to take it away but Israel prevailed and they had to withdraw. They had told the Palestinians NOT to accept what the UN offered because they were going to “push Israel into the Med and they, the Palestinians, could have it all. Not happening! From that time until the present, the Palestinians live in refugee structures even though the US, UN and most EU nations sent them millions of dollars that went right into the pockets of their leaders like Arafat and the people never saw any of it. There are thousands of Arabs that have continued to live in Israel, prospered and are happy there. They do not want Palestinian rule. When Israel gave over Gaza, it ad left with homes, farms, fields, businesses…what did the Palestinians do???? They burned everything to the ground and now it is a barren, scorched piece of land not the blooming, thriving land it had been since 1967.

All I have written here is secular history. I have not said one word of what God gave the Jews, and what the boundries are. I’ll leave that for another blog…




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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Accountability and Confrontation, Dirty Words…

For most of us, either of these issues are inviting. We don’t want to share our most personal matters with almost anyone, especially bad habits, thoughts, actions. but…we need to in order to grow a healthy and Godly Christian life. It is difficult to find someone you can trust not to blab to others, and one who will listen! As I see it being a counselor myself, listening is a lost “art.” People constantly over talk or interrupt or their facial expression tells you they are not listening. I think over talking bothers me he most. It says to me, “what you are saying isn’t important, I know better than you…” I just really dislike it and a lot of people do it on a continuing basis. Years ago when I was a new Christian and not yet in ministry, I had a retail store. People use to come in, sit down in the small sitting area I had, and many times pour out their hearts to me. I had always been a”people” person but this was different, I was almost compelled to pay attention. At times, I would start to interrupt, and would sense the Holy Spirit urging me to keep quiet. When it happened more than occasionally, I gave it some serious thought and prayer, and realized the Lord was teaching me to shut MY mouth and just listen. Later I learned by experience that good counseling was mostly a matter of listening. Most of the time, God has an answer for troubled people, something in His Word that can be applied or used as a guideline. If you are doing all the talking, you cannot hear what your friend is trying to tell you. And…it goes without saying, if you are not in the Word, living close to the Lord, you will have no answers for them. Now confrontation is another whole ball game…Again, a very close relationship to the Lord and deep knowledge of the Word and Biblical principles are essentials to be effective in confrontation. A Godly walk will draw others to you when they face situations they cannot handle alone. There are a few “rules” in confronting, 1/ being honest and direct, choosing your words carefully. Also watch YOUR body language. But do not beat around the bush, weigh what needs to be said and lay it squarely on the line. Be as loving as possible, non-judgmental, with the aim of giving the person a way to see the situation from god’s point of view. And never, ever confront anyone in anger or you’ve lost your opportunity to help another grow in the Lord, they will back off, perhaps permanently. If possible use an action you’ve seen so that you can be specific and not generalize…generalizing feels like an attack and you do not want that. Where possible be empathetic. If you’ve walked in their shoes, tell them so, it will help them realize you are not criticizing. And I think most important, be affirming. We never know what kind of childhood and upbringing they may have had, possibly never feeling adequate, being told they are stupid and useless. You will be surprised how many people have serious damage from childhood, damage only God can heal…and you may be the conduit He wants to use to accomplish it. Earn the right to confront…listen carefully to the Holy Spirit’s checks and act on them. That way you keep short accounts with the Lord and are always ready to be used in His service. Opportunities frequently come when we aren’t looking for them, so be alert…and ready!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I am a Bible believing Christian, every jot and tittle, I follow and read about prophecy, I also follow and read about current events. I’ve been a Christian, a very committed one, for 37 years, got right with the Lord through reading Hal Lindsey’s Late, Great, Plant Earth in 1974. I had been properly instructed in the Scripture as a child so I knew what he was talking about was true, and probably coming about soon. I remember either watching or hearing the UN voting on Israel’s partition. I remember Abba Eben  speaking before the UN as they debated what to do. At the time, I didn’t know what was going on but for some reason, I had a sense of “history.” I remember President Harry Truman making a speech stating our nation’s recognition of Israel as a nation. I wasn’t very old so I don’t remember too many details but after my experience with the Lord in ‘74, I remembered, and gave it a great deal of thought. I’ve been “thinking out loud” about Israel and her place in God’s world and ours. I consider it a great privilege to be alive now, in this time period, when I believe God’s final dealing with Israel as well as His wrath with mankind will be happening. There is a saying, “I’m not expecting the undertaker, I’m expecting the uppertaker!”

These last couple of years have been incredible in light of Bible prophecy. People say they can’t understand Revelation or Daniel or any other of the Prophets…hogwash…they don’t want to. The speed with swift…the Bible uses the term, “suddenly.” Who, 40 years ago would have thought the Arabs/Muslims would be taking over as they have these last years. Who would have thought the nations would be aligned as they are, with everything moving in the direction of one, great big world, governed by a few liberal radicals or that Christianity a we have known it would be almost totally wiped out! It is happening so fast it almost takes your breath away. Jesus told us, warned us, begged us, and still we don’t listen…then or now. The show is about over and we are soon to see the finale.

If President Obama turns us away from supporting Israel and being her greatest ally…it’s all over. There are more verses of Scripture that speak to the issue of “those who love Israel/those who hate Israel” than I can record on this blog but take my word for it, these are A LOT! God loves Israel and her people with an undying, unconditional, unexplainable love. And we as a nation had better think about that. But I doubt the powers that be will give it any thought and eventually we, Israel’s last important friend, will turn on her and she will be all alone. The big BUT here is this: they are never alone, Israel’s God will never leave her or forsake her, no matter how stiff-necked she is. Watch!!! We are about to see the greatest event in human history, the curtain falling on the drama of God and His creation of and love for humanity.

Friday, January 21, 2011


This beautiful hymn was written by a woman name Lydia Baxter, inspired by Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jeus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Most of us realize the name “Jesus” brings comfort,, cheer, settledness to those who are suffering and/or bereaved. It can also bring a sense of peace to persons who are depressed and/or fearful. Lydia Baxter was bed-ridden most of her life, she was always cheerful and patient. She would tell friends she had a “special armor. the Name of Jesus. when the Tempter tries to make me blue or despondent, I mention the Name Jesus and he can’t get to me anymore.” Mrs Baxter wrote this hymn from her bed, just four years before her death in 1874 at age 65. She was always known for her interest in and discussion of Bible names…their origin and those who bore those names…Samuel, “asked of God,” Hannah, “grace,” Sarah, “princess,” but the name that meant the most to her was the name, Jesus. It was used often during the evangelistic campaigns of DL Moody and Ira Sankey in the latter part of the 19th century. We still sing this hymn today, it speaks to us about carrying His name through our lives and even speaks to us of eternity, and the “joy of Heaven” that awaits us.

Here are the words, ponder them and enjoy…

Take the name of Jesus with you, child of sorrow and of woe; it will joy and comfort give you…take it then where’er you go…

Take the name od Jesus with you, as a shield from every snare; if temptations round you gather, breathe that holy name in prayer…

O the precious name of Jesus, How it thrills our souls with joy. When His loving arms receive us, and His songs our tongues employ…

At the name of Jesus bowing, falling prostrate at His feet, King of Kings in heaven we’ll crown Him, when our journey is complete…

CHORUS…Precious name, O how sweet, hope of earth and joy of heaven.

Friday, January 7, 2011


This seems an appropriate hymn to think ponder early in a new year. It was written by a young Swedish woman, along with many others.
She learned early in life to live with the consciousness of the Lord’s presence all the time.

At the age of 26 Lina experienced an event that influenced her all the rest of her life. She and her father took a ship going to the city of Gothenburg, Sweden across Lake Vattern. The ship lurched, and her father, A devout Lutheran minister, fell overboard and drowned before the eyes of his adoring daughter. Prior to this event Lina had written some 650 hymns, many that influenced the revival that swept the Scandinavian countries during the latter half od the 19th century. After the tragic death of her father, poetic thoughts, expressing a tender, childlike faith and trust flowed freely from her broken heart. So tender and touching were her many beautiful hymns expressing her love for her Lord, she became known as the “Fanny Crosby of Sweden.” Ponder these beautiful words:

Day by day and with each passing moment, strength I find to meet my trials here; trusting in my Father’s wise bestowment,  I’ve no cause for worry or for fear. He whose heart is kind beyond all measure gives unto each day what He deems best…lovingly, its part of pain and pleasure, mingling toil with peace and rest.

Every day the Lord Himself is near me with a special mercy for each hour; All my cares He fain would bear, and cheer me, he whose name is Counsellor and Power. The protection of His child and treasure is a charge that on Himself He laid: “As thy days, thy strength shall be in measure,” this the pledge to me He made.

For some reason, the words of this hymn really speak to me. I am very fond of hymns but this one seems special. I think Lina’s “trust” level climbed and climbed through out her life, until she so “leaned into” her Lord for everything, she just rested in His goodness and love for her. I relate to that and aspire to the same kind of love for Him. I know it only comes with time and trial, I know that because I have lived through both and learned much, both about myself and about my Master. The words of this precious hymn say it well and will always be very special to me.